Installing Mandriva 2007 on an Intel Core Duo

When you try to install Mandriva 2007 on a machine with an Intel Core Duo processor, all you seem to get after choosing "Installation" is a black screen and nothing else happens.  The machine stops responding, and all you can do is power it off holding the power button down for at least five seconds.

This is not distro-specific, in fact this can happen to quite a few distributions.  Ones with a 2.6.18 kernel seem to boot fine, but from what I found anything prior to this had difficulties.  Incidently, the kernel on the Mandriva 2007 installation is 2.6.17 based, and therefore believe this to be the problem.  It doesn't have the support for the Core Duos.

What I had to do, was go into the BIOS on my machine and disable the second core, therefore effectively leaving my machine as a single processor system than one that is detected as a dual processor system, or a hyperthreaded processor if you like.

Then, I found that the Mandriva 2007 installation process ran this time around.  After installation, reboot as normal to ensure your system is fully functional.

Before you can re-enable the second core, you have to install a newer kernel.

If you've set up your easyurpmi sources, you'll be able to find a 2.6.18 kernel to install.  This is how I installed on mine:

urpmi kernel-linus-smp-

However, I suggest that you check first to find out what kernels are available to you, in case a later one has been released.  For example:

urpmf --name kernel | grep 2.6.18

Alternatively, you can replace 2.6.18 with 2.6.19 and see if there is something even later.  After you've installed the newer kernel, reboot and go into the BIOS and re-enable the second core.  Then boot the system using the new kernel you've installed.  You should find that you're now up and running, and able to have a fully functioning machine with Intel Core Duo!

You can check this by doing:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

If you see two sets of information, one for each processor, then you've got the Dual Core enabled.  I advise installing an SMP kernel, since this gives you the functionality for both processors/hyperthreading.