Closing Lotus Notes if it stops responding

Sometimes, Lotus Notes can stop responding.  A nice easy way to close it down, is to open a console window and type the following:

cd $HOME/notes/data
../ -kill

You have to be in the notes/data directory for this to work.  Alternatively, replace $HOME with /home/username depending on whatever your username is.

There are other ways you can do it, but this is the most neat and clean way without affecting anything else on your system.  One method would be to get a list of running processes on your system, and filter then for "notes".  Then kill then using the Linux kill command.  This does take a lot longer than using the method I've listed above.  There are normally at least 3 to 5 that you would have to kill one-by-one.  This makes running the script above much faster.  One other method would be to completely log out of your system and back in again.  But this means closing every single app that is running in your X session.

I could list more, but none come as close to this in terms of closing it any quicker.